About Betty Zoo

Betty Zoo is a small tattoo studio in Frederiksberg, Copenhagen. The studio was started by Tanya (Betty) and now consists of yet another female tattoo artist (Lykke) as well as an apprentice (Camilla). 

We do various styles but especially linework, minimalism, blackwork and fineline tattoos.

At Betty Zoo no project is too small - the little things carry as much value as the large projects. 

We work in a sterile environment and use only non-reusable materials - primarily from Inkflow and Kwadron. Our ink is from wellknown brands Kuro Sumi and Eternal Ink. We value the quality of our inks very high and are keeping up with any news within the field.  

If you as the client does not have a finished design prepared beforehand, we will happily help you sketch it out. 

We offer a free touch up on tattoos made by us if the tattoo has healed in a non-satisfactory manner. A tattoo can be touched up after 6 weeks.